Monday, July 17, 2017

Time to Spay or Neuter Your Present Pet

Is it Time to Spay or Neuter Your Present Pet?
Limited Time Offer - Free Microchip with Spay or Neuter Procedure
Did you or a family member receive a pet as a present about seven months ago?  Or perhaps you have just put off the decision to spay or neuter your pet!  Whatever the case, now is the time to make this important decision for your pet.
At All Creatures, we treat every surgery seriously, even "routine" spay and neuter procedures.  We follow a 9 step protocol for every spay or neuter procedure and the fee is $289. See the details here:
Plus now, through August 31st, we will include a free microchip for your pet.  Some local cities are starting to require microchips as part of their pet registration regulations.
If your family pet does not have microchip identification, consider this sad story.  Just last week, a lady brought in a beautiful, sweet Siamese mix cat she had found that had no collar or tag on. We scanned this very nice cat but there was no microchip. Sadly, it is very likely someone has lost their beloved pet for lack of any ID.
But there are happy reunion stories.  Rocco, a beagle from Queens, New York went missing in 2003. Five years later, Rocco was reunited with his family after animal control officials in Georgia identified him by his microchip!
Brooke Burke, Season 7 champion of "Dancing with the Stars", had her chocolate lab, Jake, returned to her after he was lost for nine months. When the man who found and kept Jake took him in for a check-up, the veterinarian scanned for a microchip and began the reunion process.
At All Creatures, we offer Microfindr microchips that use a smaller chip and smaller needle than other brands. 
Smaller Chip = Smaller Needle
Spay and Neuter Benefits
Spaying and neutering is safe and the only permanent, 100% effective birth control for dogs and cats. In addition to helping control pet over-population, spaying or neutering your pet has been shown to  reduce the chance of developing uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers. It also can reduce the risk of other health problems and can prolong the life of your beloved pet. Hormone-driven diseases as well as behavioral issues can be eliminated after the surgical sterilization procedure.
If your pet is intact, schedule a spay or neuter appointment with us today.
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