Friday, August 19, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets that are Secret

Did you see the movie, The Secret Life of Pets this summer?  It was really cute and funny.  It is still playing at the StudioMovie Grill if you are interested. We cannot verify if pets really have a secret life while you are at work all day, but we know for sure there are secret pets out there.

That’s right.  You have one pet, maybe two that has seen one of our amazing veterinarians (Hutton, Vance, Middendorf) and another pet that has not.   Maybe your secret pet never has any real health issues or they do not like going to the veterinarian or traveling anywhere.  Or perhaps one pet has issues that use up the available resources.  We get it.

But, we know that you want all of your pets to stay healthy and contribute to your family for as long as possible.  The pet exam is really the key to keeping your pet healthy long term.  The consultation and exam by the doctor tells you important information about your pet’s eyes, ears, heart, skin, organs, diet and more. It is the 1st step on the path of good pet health. So if you have a pet we have never seen, for the next two weeks, we are offering you the exam and consult service for FREE.
Introduce us to your pet that we have never examined (or have not seen for 2 years) and we will schedule an exam and consult with one of our veterinarians at no charge to you (reg 49.90) .  Do call ASAP as Saturday and afternoon appointments have limited availability.
Offer expires September 3, 2016.

PS.  If your pet doesn’t like to travel or doesn’t like the vet, give us a call and one of our veterinarian assistants will help you with some ideas to make the process easier.  Or check out these articles:
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If you have any questions or comments, our contact info is 972-307-7400 or

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