Thursday, September 3, 2015

15% Off Pet Dental Procedures in September
Pet dental health is one of the most overlooked areas of pet health maintenance.  Over half of all pets have a hidden dental problem from gum disease to loose or cracked teeth.  For the month of September, we are offering 15% off all pet dental procedures. 
For more information and video on how to care for your pet’s teeth:
At All Creatures we treat dental procedures like any other anesthesia procedure.  We check your pet’s blood prior to the procedure to make sure there are no hidden problems inside. (If your pet has had bloodwork in the last 60 days, this can be waived).  To make sure the procedure is safe and comfortable for your pet, we dedicate a veterinary assistant to monitor 5 of your pets vital signs during the procedure and give pain medication before and after to speed recovery.
If you don’t know the condition of your pets mouth, call us at 972-307-7400 to schedule a free dental/mouth exam for your pet.  Please mention this newsletter to receive the free exam or discounted procedure.  If we have never seen your pet before a paid full body exam and consult is required before any other services are provided.
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Open House and Pet Photo Day is Saturday, October 10th.

PetClix is a professional mobile pet photography studios that capture amazing pet portraits.  Their mobile studio is designed especially for pet photography.  They have successfully captured thousands of pet portraits in 25 states.  PetClix is the biggest and most recognized mobile pet studios in the USA.

The fee to reserve a sitting time for you and your pet(s) is just $10.  Portrait prices range from $29 to $120.  Sign up for a sitting time in the reception area or call us to reserve your time.

The PetClix Process

Arrive at location as scheduled

Fill out paper work

Select your favorite background

Spend time with photographer

Review portraits with the specialists

Choose your package

Pay for portraits

Portraits arrive within 3 weeks

For more information go to:

Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

We highly recommend spaying and neutering your pet. If you have been thinking about it there is a very complete article here:

In September All Creatures is offering an everything included spay or neuter surgery at a special price.  Find out more here:

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