Saturday, July 13, 2013

Do This Healthy Pet DIY Project - Find Your Pet's Body Condition Score

Here is a Healthy Pet DIY Project: 
Pet - Body Condition Score

Here is a DIY project you won't see on HGTV.  Determine your pets BCS - Body Condition Score.  Just like in humans, a lean, fit body is a good sign that your pet is eating the right amount of food and getting proper exercise.  So tackle this project this weekend.  You don't even have to go to Home Depot.

Body Condition Score
To determine a body condition score use your hands not you eyes.  Use your fingers, hands flat. Pressing lightly, rub down the side of the pet's body while feeling its ribs.
The skin should feel like a t-shirt covering the ribs, not a sweatshirt or a parka.

1)  Make a fist and feel over your knuckles, if the pet's ribs feel like your knuckles...the animal is too thin.

2)  Now open your fist and feel the top of your knuckles.  If the pet's ribs feel like that... it's just right.

3)  Now turn your hand over, palm up and feel the base of your fingers.  If the pet's ribs feel like that... the animal is too fat.

The ribs and hips should be widest part of the body; waistline the narrowest.  The base of the tail of most dogs should be bony and feel like it does while tapping your kneecap.

What to do: Start by looking at your pet and what you feed your pet. Go to for a visual chart of what your pet should look like. Make sure you are not feeding your pet more than 1 (measuring) cup of food per 20 lbs. of weight per day. This is just a general guideline we use at All Creatures so then, consult with us or your veterinarian about the specific diet and activity needs of your pet.
If you have questions, call us to set up a free Pet Diet Consult with one of our Certified Veterinary Assistants.

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