Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Your Pet's Inner Health a Mystery?

ÜMore Information is a Good Thing for Pets

In our information age, you may think more information is one thing you can do without, but when you are talking about a pet you love, more information is better.

Your pet has a two big issues that affect their healthcare – (1) they can’t tell you what is wrong when they are sick and (2) they are aging substantially faster than you age.  One way to make these two things less of an issue is to have more information about what is going on inside your pet.  The best way we have to do that today is through blood testing. 

As an animal ages many of the normal organ functions gradually begin to decline, just as in humans. The eyes, ears, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys may start to function less optimally, possibly leading to significant medical problems. It is more difficult for older animals to fight infections and problems such as arthritis frequently set in.

Early Detection blood testing tell your veterinarian and you what is happening inside your pet and can detect problems before they become serious.  At All Creatures Veterinary Center, we offer two levels of Early Detection testing.

Junior Detection is generally appropriate for pets ages 1-6 years.  The tests look at the following areas;

o  Complete Blood Count: Looks at blood cell shapes and numbers
         o  Blood Chemistries: cancers may affect organ function and lead to changes in:
             §   Kidney Function (BUN, Creatinine, Phosphorus)
              §   Liver Function (ALT, ALP, GGT, Bilirubin, Albumin)
              §   Hormonal and Regulatory systems (Glucose, Electrolytes, Calcium, Thyroid)
              §   Gastrointestinal Tract - (Protein, Electrolytes)
              §   Bone - (Calcium, Phosphorus)

Early Detection Senior testing includes all of the above tests, and adds;

§   Urinalysis - checks for bladder/urinary infections and assess kidney function

The Senior level is usually apropriate for pets 7 years and up, but it can be good information for any age pet if you or your veterinarian feel the additional data is needed. 

At All Creatures Veterinary Center both Early Detection levels include a heartworm test FREE (dogs only) making this an excellent value as part of your pet’s annual visit.  Taking advantage of the Early Detection tests tell the you and your pet's doctor more information about your pet's inner health.  This extra insight can help your pet stay healthier and also  keep your finances healthier (it costs less) if diseases are controlled before becoming serious. 

On Friday, June 29th at 10:15 a.m., All Creatures will host Story Time.  This mini Open House will feature some pet stories from our children's area read aloud and a mid morning snack.   Next, Dr. Hutton will give a short tour and show some of the more interesting X-Rays we have taken.  While the event is definitely geared toward the young at heart, but is open to pet lovers of all ages.

All Creatures now offers a way to view your pet's medical records online:
If you are one of our clients, all you have to do is provide us with an email address to get started using a variety of great services such as getting appointment reminders by text.  Call us or Click on the ePet Health logo for more information.

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